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Highlywelcome offers a secure, convenient way for promoters
to advertise their events and sell digital tickets. We make it easy for anyone
to host and manage an event, seamlessly with event management, and data visualization
tools at their fingertips. As an advertising hub, our portal bridges the gap for
prospective guests to get information on events happening within their area and
purchase tickets without having to leave the comfort of wherever they are
(twenty-four hours per day).

Our digital tickets are redeemed at the promotion/event
venue using our scanner application vide our software provided.


  • Highlywelcome aims to deliver a beautiful, simple and
    reliable service to all its stakeholders at a cost effective and competitive
    price; bringing event hosts and promoters closer than ever to their customers
    through the use of modern technology.

  • Highlywelcome aspires to make it easy for anyone to host and
    manage an event, without as much initial financial investment by offering
    robust event management tools to take some of the complexity and expense out of
    the entire endeavor. All this at their fingertips through an advanced web